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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  November 4, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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presidential campaign. yeah, i've got something to say about that. >> the request is sparking anxiety far grond beyond the beltway. a dog goes into an mri machine, stop me if you've heard this before, as a result a neuroscientist found interesting stuff about the relationship between man and his best friend. >> we're now officially one month into the exchanges and critics are clinging to the website glitches and the fact a small percentage of americans cannot keep their plans because of a communist plot or something. new yorker running this cover mocking the glitches complete with a floppy disk and oldest mobile phone known to man. tonight president obama will be
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taking questions at the organizing for action health care summit which is founded by folks who ran his campaign and he'll meet with dallas volunteers helping americans sign up for the program. obama care and online exchanges are playing a big role in tomorrow's gubernatorial race in virginia. you can bet we'll be talking about obama care in next year's midterms and 2016 presidential race and maybe even in 2028 when we're doing the show from outer pace. from that we start with perry bac bacon, who will be with us when we're doing the show from outer space. i got a nice e-mail breaking down how chris christie doing so very well with blacks in new jersey, suggests how he may do in 2016 nationally, we're talking about his getting 30% among blacks in new jersey. this is supposed to be a great number for the gop, but it is largely blacks -- because of decades of problem. ari will dig into that. i want to dig into how latinos
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will fare and how they'll fare with white voters. they've been doing really badly with latinos for several years now and partly the immigration thing will chase more away further. but with white folks, they've been doing extremely well. when he have a white candidate, like, say, hillary, it will be different than barack. >> let me say, first of all, it's great that christie is campaigning for black votes. it would be great for our system, if we republicans campaign and we were so divided by race and culture as opposed no ideology. i'm glad he's doing that. that said, important factor to remember here, tour'e, barbara bono is not hillary clinton -- >> let me write that down. >> i don't know we should say because christie is doing well, not very strong democrat, that he'll do that well in 2016
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against hillary clinton who is much stronger and has much higher approval ratings. we shouldn't read too much from christie's look into tomorrow into three years down the road when he's facing much stronger competition. >> it's hard to project but there's a lot of discussion also about the black electorate being loyal to president obama, snl had fun with that this weekend. >> it's been a difficult month for the president. the most recent gal up poll puts his approval rating and perhaps the most troubling number, his approval rating with black voters has dropped to a startling 93.6%. >> they go on to talk about things that would still leave black voters backing this president, even if he put christian on his dream team and that kind of stuff. it's funny, also great to see kerrie washington hosting on a show that had trouble hiring
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black women. a lot of issues aired out that night. they got the numbers a little wrong. speak to the fact when you compare this president's support among black voters, it's actually not different from where clinton was in the same point in his term in '97, both in the low 80s, 81% this week from gallup. and 85% from him recently. perry, is there a desire to jump to the idea of racial solid dart when it has to do with the long term relationship with the republican party? >> we're looking at 2016 or 2013, any election, african-americans are overwhelmingly democratic. it's not they are overwhelmin y overwhelmingly -- they are pro obama too. john kerry, michael dukakis, all did above 85% beloto black vote
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well. things will have really changed by then. >> a gubernatorial race is happening tomorrow, i think best represent the two wings of the republican party today. you have chris christie, obviously the more pragmatic conservative in new jersey and cuccinelli, a bit more extreme conservative tea partyier and support among women could not be further apart. you have cuccinelli down by 24 points among women. you have christie, who is leading with women by 23 points. perry, is this the moment when the republican party maybe learned something in terms of their messaging? i know that's what chris christie is hoping for. >> i think it is. i think that we should be clear to say, even most republican candidates are not as bad as ken cuccinelli is. i don't want to read too much into this particular race -- >> does have a special way with the lady folks.
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>> exactly, a little bit unique. one thing to note, we talked about health care as well. chris christie is one of the few republican governors who embraced obama care, he's taken up the medicaid funding there. obama care doing pred pretty badly overall but tomorrow will be a victory because i assume terry mcauliffe, the promedicaid expansion and chris christie to the left of republicans also wins, something to think about as we move forward. the question for christie, he's hugged the questi eged the pres didn't hug him. >> he touched him. >> we want to be clear about that. >> it was unacceptable. too much hugging. >> the point i was going to make, i think chris christie has thoen he's moderate. the next race he may be running in is the republican presidential primary, not a place in which touching the president and being nice to him is rewarded verywoman.
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he should think about that. >> we have new reporting over the weekend about where the problems in the rollout may have come from. there was a memo arguing for a different person to head up implementation. there was some allegations that people were too afraid of upsetting the president to bring him the reality of the situation, sort of bureaucratic problems about being able to consolidate everything under one roof. where are we in terms of understanding what actually happened to have led to this rollout going so poorly thus far? >> i think we know the government is not particularly well at running websites. we also learned the second thing, most important here, the politics and the administration were not along the same line. sounds like by some point in september, people knew the website was probably not going to work very well. they set up this deadline on
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october 1st and really couldn't move it or shift it. you have a reality where it also appears they start building up the website only after the 2012 election in part because they are wary of republicans attacking part of it. almost a fear of what would be said on fox news, i think really drove a lot of this. they seem to be very nervous about starting really set up after 2012. then you have a very short time period, less than a year to basically set up a website for the entire country to look at. they seem to like waited too late to solve these basic problems. >> do you see that as sort of a one off problem, like something that was just a problem with this implementation, or is that a broader statement about problems in this white house being overly concerned with what's being said on fox news as you put it, rather than the reality of their policies? >> i do think that often as a problem. one example i would give you. i think you will not hear the president talk about there are
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lots of americans signing up for health insurance. most signing up for medicaid. there's a weariness in this administration, talking about plans that benefit poor people, food stamps or medicaid, they want to talk about people who get insurance plans. but a majority getting insurance under the law are the kind of low income people who probably get food stamps too and not going to be the best people to talk about it at an event, the kind of people republicans criticize and you do see that weariness often here. that's one thing i would point out. >> perry bacon, you've unwittingly unveiled something about the cycle, we are pro hugging. the book that's got washington talking for better or worse, abby has thoughts on this thing called "double down" we'll spin on that as "the cycle" rolls back on this first monday in november.
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oh, hey, sorry, i didn't notice you. i just been leafing through this book "double down" from the writers behind "game change." and i've got to be honest, not my faf. this book says more about the washington consulting class than really anything else. from the vetting report on governor chris christie to president o bam am's debate prep, it's clear as long as they are beltway consultants around there's no confidentiality. with every failed campaign you expect a fair share of criticism. but everyone walked out of their headquarters and turned on the fire hose. filled with leaks about other
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leaks and reminds me more of high school gossip. and my family expected to be picked apart but as someone who is actually there every step of the way, there was very little even worth responding to, very little based in reality. most based in conjecture and self-promotion. take, for example, the leaks of romney's taxes. all they could do is find an unnamed third party source to claim it was my grandfather who was responsible. that's the bar they set for the level and quality of reporting. for the beltway audience, this is like candy, this is a drug. but what's left now? well, a bunch of soured relationships at a time when we actually should be finding common ground. mitt romney's taxes let alone who leaked them will never solve our nation's greatest problems. this written by political consultants for political consultants and only good for a week of georgetown cocktail spatter. to know what really went on, i know some of this isn't actually true. keep that in mind as we now
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spin. i would love your take on the book as i'm sure you read the excer excerpts. >> the thing that jumps out is how much and how hard he tried to vet chris christie and went through the process twice and rejected christie and then said, you got to look at this guy again, this is how we'll win the day to day war of media and chris christie will get you in the media all the time. there's things that he leaves off that he won't answer and in the case of new jersey, in a national situation you can't get away with that. a reporter will fill out the lines for you. when he's looking at video of chris christie yelling at people and temper, if he can't get through the romney test, which is not the most string ent test in america, it makes me wonder, how is he going to do in 2016 when he gets into the presidential fish bowl. i'm curious. >> this part of the book you're talking about seemed relatively
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credible. they seem to have line by line the opposition research on chris christie. and what i would say actually, i disagree a little bit with your take. the things they were pointing out, they were all real scandals and real questions he would certainly have to answer to and respond to in a national campaign, that he hasn't really had to deal with because his opponent hasn't been a real threat this time around. i didn't see any of them as being like disqualifying. they all seemed like things he would be able to manage and handle in a national campaign and according to what was said in the book, romney campaign was apparently pretty cautious, worrying about repeating the mistakes of having a sarah palin type vice president with lots of surprises in the closet who is not fully vetted. i have to tell you, the part if it's accurate, i found sort of the most shocking and most appalling, was mitt romney's comments about people who were overweight, including governor
12:17 pm
christie. there's this line in the book where he would say to male members of his traveling crew, oh, there's your date for tonight. when they spied a quote, chunky lady on the street. obviously, my opinion of mitt romney was not particularly high to start with. i didn't think he was mean spirited person like that though. that part was actually surprising to me and out of character with who i thought he is from watching him on the campaign trail. >> that's right. that's really gross and low and not what i thought he would dozen a person who is very religious and spiritual. to go back to christie and perry, this e-mail this morning talked about that chris christie will -- >> perry bacon. >> he's going to have to tattoo the right to win the republican primary and perhaps the things in his vet that he won't want to talk to are not the major problems. it's what he's going to have to do to win the primary and find
12:18 pm
his way back from that. we saw mitt romney was changed for the worse by the republican primary. why you're open to him because he's a moderate. but will he be a moderate after the republican primary. >> i'm not open to him. let's be clear. he would be a strong general election candidate could he get through the primary. one thing i will say about chris christie, i was speaking with a reporter from new jersey, who was telling me that a lot of the reporters in new jersey are intimidated by christie because he will aggressively attack them and make it more about them and the questions they are asking than trying to respond to questions themself and he told me that a lot of folks aren't prepared for that. they are very nervous around him and uncomfortable pushing him on the sort of things that would have been in the campaign vet. >> all i can say campaigns are dirty and chris christie seems he's the kind of guy that can handle it. i was shocked how many folks were womening to throw others
12:19 pm
under the bus. now you have a number of angry people, including the white house with the stories in the book. moving on -- what we are learning today about the alleged gunman in friday's lax shooting rampage. a follow-up to something controversial that was said right here as the news was breaking up next. dad! dad! katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, pleeeeease??? tickets? hmm, sure. how many? well, there's hannah, maddie, jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i come? yep. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment and dining out, with no annual fee. to apply, go to
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workplace discrimination against gay americans, five republicans are backing it along with all 55 senate dems and initial test vote is scheduled for tonight. just ahead of that vote, a main democratic congressman has announced he is gay. he is challenging the state's republican governor in next year's election and made the announcement to counter what he calls a whisper campaign to weaken his bid for the office. talk is cheap but twitter is not. the company raised initial selling price for shares when it
12:23 pm
become listed on the new york stock exchange later this week. the price has been raised from starting at $17 to now $23. the markets are closely watching this ipo, the most anticipated since facebook's last year, which was largely considered a flop. and a truly bizarre story out of nyu here in manhattan. a student is recovering in the hospital this afternoon. he was found stuck in an 18-inch space between school buildings. police think he was there as long as 36 hours. no word on how the 19-year-old got there but a friend who was partying with him in a dorm room this weekend told the "new york post", i don't want to elaborate on what we were doing in there. >> the latest for the investigation into the shooting at the lax airport. pete williams is back with our d.c. newsroom. the latest on what we're learning about the 23-year-old suspect. >> we're not learning much about what it is that got paul anthony ciancia interested in the
12:24 pm
radical right wing views expressed in the one page letter that authorities say he was carrying with him when he fired shots inside the airport. strong anti-government views attacking the tsa, saying that if tsa is going to treat all americans as potential terrorists, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. initial checks on the computer haven't turned up anything that would indicate what it was that got him attracted to that view in the first place. as for the weapon he took in, he did purchase it legally but they are still trying to figure out where he got the high capacity 30-round magazines he had five with him when he came into the airport. he's still in critical condition in the hospital, not talking. he was shot in the face. it makes it difficult for him to talk, although officials say it does not appear he has any kind of brain injury, so it's the ability to speak, ability to form words that's the problem here, not the cognitive process. but it's not clear how long it
12:25 pm
will be before they are able to start asking him questions. it could be that he'll respond in writing or by nodding yes or no, which is how authorities did their initial interrogation in the boston bombing suspect. the alleged shooter left a note before the shooting that specifically discussed vulnerabilities in airport security. friday on the show, ari and i spoke about that issue with the head of security, for israeli airline, known for strict security and often criticized for it. >> over 400 airports in the country, where is the security? the tsa did tons of tests to the security people. we know the results. >> what would you have american airports do differently? that somebody shouldn't be able to enter at all until they've been checked? >> no, no this is not a jail that people are coming to the airport. they should not suffer. we can train people to be able
12:26 pm
to identify suspicious people that are coming to the terminal. >> let's turn to terrorism analyst evan coleman. did sh though us that the system worked? >> it showed us there were vulnerabilities we knew existed. we knew airports were vulnerable to this kind of attack. the concern before this was about suicide bombers getting in. the question is what do we do to address that? do we want to lockdown airports like in european airports that you can't go in the building without going through a metal detector. the civil aviation industry is far larger than that of israel and any other country. i'm not sure that there's any practical way of dealing with this threat other than going for what the threat actually is. in this case you have someone who believed the tsa was out to
12:27 pm
coil people and he was going to kill them in response. the more direct way of approaching that is to stop having people out there saying the tsa are traitors trying to murder people or are terrorists. >> right, whenever something like this happens, the question quickly becomes, what could have been done to prevent this? what is the reality? how many people are carrying guns up to security checkpoint? to put it in perspective, the ap reported on this, they showed last year they found 1500 firearms on passengers that attempted to go through screening, up 17% from the year before and more than doubled in the past eight years. naturally people are saying maybe the tsa officers should be armed. you have the tsa union now asking for guards at every checkpoint. tsa and homeland security have come out saying that's not an option, not the purpose of tsa officials.
12:28 pm
what is your response? is the answer more guns? >> first of all, this is like assuming that u.s. airports don't already have plenty of -- >> there are plenty of airport security people who are armed. let's get aside from that and get more to the question, why is it every time there's an incident at the school or hospital or military base or airport and it involves a gun, the answer is we should have more guns? it doesn't make any sense at all. the answer here is that we should be trying to make sure that if there are people out there who are unstable, we're watching for them and trying to make sure they don't feed themselves on propaganda that makes them believe that the tsa is out to get them. we need to make sure we're not demonizing people for very minor and selfish political and financial points and there are foolish people who believe it and take these ideas and murder somebody. that's a much more serious concern and something we can remedy immediately. i'm not sure we'll ever be able
12:29 pm
to stop anyone who wants to get in an airport from doing that. that will be almost inevitable. >> i don't think wei want to lie in that world either. >> look how israelis deal with these things. i do not believe they are ready for the scrutiny that most israelis get when they reach the airport. we're not ready to get to the airport for four or five hours before a flight and be subject to interrogations when we get on an airplane. these are not reasonable steps for this country to take. i think there are much easier solutions and direct solutions for this problem. >> you get the feeling the israel analogy is offered by people who have never been to israel where you have a weapons and metal detectors outside of every movie theater and where you have a society where everyone just about is a veteran. you're dealing with mill tarrized society, not really relevant to the american experience. walk us through why some people at our u.s. airports are armed
12:30 pm
in the screening process and some are not? >> look, there are people who have specific responsibilities. in the case of the tsa agent who was murdered last week, he was a behavioral pattern recognition specialist. his job was to try to pick out people acting strangely. it was not to shoot people. and we've seen what happens when too many people have too many weapons. we've seen this even here in new york whereby standers have gotten shot in exchanges of gunfire between new york police officers and perpetrators and individuals carrying out crimes. the question always afterwards is, was the police department right for opening fire in a crowded area? i can guarantee you had tsa agents been armed and had they been back from shooting back at this individual, right now we would be asking that exact question, why are tsa agents shooting into a crowdful of innocent people. it's an inevitable question you have to ask. >> i want to go to the point
12:31 pm
about the radical ideology that this guy subscribed to, the southern poverty law center which tracks hate groups and radical ideology, has seen a huge increase in the number of patriot groups which he seems in his ideology to align with. they have skyrocketed from 131 in 2007 to 1360 now. how do we combat the type of radical fringe conspiracy ideology that was apparently fueling this guy? >> it's very simple. it's to make sure that anybody who is a politician or a radio shock jock who goes out there and starts encouraging people to harm tsa agents or harm civil serve ants or demonize these people, we have to hold these people accountable as a society. people like alex jones that say the fbi was behind the boston massacre. they should not be allowed to hide. their views should be exposed and the fact they are lying and
12:32 pm
profiting off of this should be exposed because this is the same thing as people in the middle east who encourage individuals who carry out suicide bombings. not everyone is dumb enough to follow that ideology, obviously enough. but there are a small handful of foolish people out there who unfortunately are willing to follow through with this. they don't understand this is all rhetoric and they are willing to put their actions where their mouth is. and i think it's time that those who spread these ideas are responsible for them. we hold people that spread al qaeda ideologies responsible for that and if you encourage someone to murder a federal employee, you should be held responsible. >> amen, thank you for that and thank you for pointing out more guns is not the answer. reporters standing on chairs and smoking and taking shoes off. this is justice egypt style. richard engel joins us live from cairo next.
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rowdy, chaotic, defy ant, not usually how you describe the start of a murder trial but that's what happened in cairo when ousted president mohamed morsi entered the courtroom. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel was inside the morsi trial. what were you seeing? >> reporter: well, i've been to quite a few trials over the years and norpally they are quite boring pro seed do you recall durl affairs, he started to say he was a victim of a show trial and victim of a coup. he wasn't the only person yelling. as he was screaming at the judge say this was all nonsense and
12:37 pm
the court was illegitimate. several journalists in the room, egyptian journalists who are pro hill military and support the coup against morsi, they started yelling at well and trying to shout him down. the journalists who were smoking and standing on chairs, some of them took off shoes. i thought one was going to throw his show at morsi and chanting, death, death, death, saying that he should get the death penalty. as you had the defendant, mohamed morsi yelling at the judge calling the trial illegitimate and you have journalists yelling death at the defendant. >> richard, that's an extraordinary scene that you've witnessed. what do you make of that in light of john kerry in egypt maintaining that this was not a coup, while as you're reporting we're seeing a democratically elected president in a cage there. >> he was a democratically elected president but a lot of egyptians are quite happy today to see him on trial.
12:38 pm
many egyptians, maybe even most egyptians were quite pleased when the military intervened and kicked morsi out of office. they thought he was a bad manager and bad administrator and pursuing his own muslim brotherhood agenda. this country is very divided. then you have the u.s. position on this. what is the u.s. going to do? stick on principle and alienate the generals in power here or try -- which secretary kerry was trying to do yesterday, nudge of generals along and encourage them to eventually get the country back on the path of democracy but not insult them and break relations. >> richard engel, thachkz for your reporting and stay safe. for more on diplomatic challenges we want to turn to ambassador mark ginsburg. how are you? >> nice to see you. >> i want to turn to syria where a lot of the united states political class and media has really turned away after a
12:39 pm
serious set of escalation and now what we're seeing last week, the appearance of some sort of diplomatic achievement here if we are to believe the statements and international inspections that suggest some parts of syria's chemical weapons stockpile is being located and eventually disarmed. what do you make of this? did the obama administration eventually stumble into a breakthrough here? >> yes, they stumbled into a breakthrough of sorts, ari. the fact of the matter is that the syrian government did comply with international united nations requirements and did it diligently. but i'm not going to give them great credit. after all, they are the ones who used chemical weapons against their people, number one. number two, let's also understand the killing is going on and al qaeda is running ram pant throughout syria and while we may be giving ourselves a pat on the back for stumbling into
12:40 pm
a -- some sort of victory here, the bottom line is syria is still a mess. john kerry is heading to the region, already there, he's trying to cobble together an agreement. prime minister maliki was just in washington and left empty handed because he's instigating a lot of problems in syria by sewing sectarian divisions and, which he was held accountable for by congress and poor john kerry having to make sure that the situation in the middle east where these fostering negotiations between israel and palestine continue. then guess what, he has to go to saudi arabia and jipegypt and t to repair negotiations. >> nothing in this region happens in a vacuum. the syrian civil war led to a
12:41 pm
spike in violence in iraq where we're now back to levels from 2008 in terms of violence. what is the connection there? >> the connection is awful. bottom line is prime minister maliki, a shiite, instead of sewing sectarian reconciliation, he's exacerbated a tax on sunnis and arrested and roundup prominent sunni politicians and as a result basically pushed most of the prominent sunnis into the hands of more extremist elements in western iraq. that's given al qaeda a base once again which to launch attacks into syria as well into iraq. moreover, maliki is facilitating iranian arms transfers into syria, which he shouldn't be doing in violation of the security council resolutions. here's maliki coming to washington and he's the guy pouring oil on the fire then wanting credit from the white
12:42 pm
house for being -- for wanting to be taking the fire hose and put the fire out. >> this escalated violence is becoming more and more of a concern for the white house. what do we do about this? given the fact the majority of americans don't want to be anywhere near iraq. if you expect the same outcome as we talk about afghanistan as we're now beginning to pull out. >> indeed. in 2014 there's supposed to be elections in iraq. and mr. maliki who has been responsible for the escalation of the sectarian violence is still going to be running for re-election. he has to be begin a process of democratization. he has to in effect be prepared to stop this roundup of sunni prominent sunnis and percent cuting the iranian disdissidents that need to be rea patiated or
12:43 pm
brought into the united states. more importantly, it will spill into syria, by giving al qaeda more reasons to establish the safe haven that we tried to stop al qaeda from developing in iraq and when general petraeus launched his surge there. >> yeah, those are important stories to keep an eye on. ambassad ambassador g ins berg, thanks. we have a neuroscientist who spent decades studying human brain and now turning to the dog brain. what he found and this is true, gra tu tous use of adorable puppy videos. up ahead. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor
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>> has been ever since the dawn of time when a few wild dogs took it upon themselves to watch over, to bark when he's in danger, to run and play with him when he's happy, to nuzlehim when he's lonely. that's why they call us man's best friend. >> yes, i did watch homeward bound with my daughter last night. dogs have been man's best friend for a long time, really long time. they've been domestic ated for
12:48 pm
35,000 years. from humble beginnings, helping men hurt, they have nuzzleed into our hearts. for millions they are family. my daughter keeps reminding me she wants to expand our already expanded family to include a four legged friend. it's that idea of seeing dogs as family that led our next guest to wonder if after losing his 14-year-old pug, if his dog loved him the same way he loved him. dr. gregory burns a newer scientist decided to train dogs to undergo mris, how dogs love us. they decode the canine brain. i have to start with the question on everybody's mind. how did you get dogs to sit through mris? >> it's not easy. people don't like them because
12:49 pm
they are loud and in closed spaces. but when we set out on this project, we decided we were not going to force any dogs to do this. we treat them like family members that they are. with a lot of hot dogs and a lot of playing and a lot of patience, we got them used to the environment and built simulators and practiced and practiced. >> quick question, who let the dogs out? is my first question. >> clever. >> he makes jokes. i always wanted to know -- second question. you don't have to answer that. >> oh, good. >> my second is more serious, you document how there's an emotional response from dogs when they see certain humans they recognize. is there any link there to why we as human beings feel so close to dogs? >> well, that's a great question. i've been studying humans for a very long time. there are certain parts of the brain that humans respond to
12:50 pm
when we interact with each other. so really the reason we're doing this is to try to figure out if dog's brains respond like humans in similar really do. growing up, my dog always knew when i was sick. it was fascinating. but here in new york city, i cannot tell you how often i'm on a run or even at a restaurant and dogs are treated like human beings, whether they're being strolled around in a stroller, whether they're being fed caviar or they're dressed in designer gear. it's unbelievable. and in some ways i'm like this is absurd. >> i can't wait -- it's so weird. >> so weird. >> but is it really absurd? you talk about dogs having the same rights as human beings. what would that world actually look like? would it be different than what we just showed you? i think it would be a little different. when you look in the dog's brain and see processes that are pretty much the same as what we humans have, you really begin to
12:51 pm
wonder, you know, maybe they should be treated as more than property. because that's what they're legally recognized as, as a piece of property. and so like you said, i mean, if so many people are treating them as family members, maybe they deserve to be recognized as more than a toaster. >> well, and doctor, extend that argument to its logical conclusion. are other animals also -- do they also have similar thought processes to humans and deserve that sort of treatment? >> yeah. that's a great question. and i mean, it's caused me to reevaluate what i think of other animals, and the answer is i don't know where to draw the line. i know that dogs are special. because they were the first animals that we took in. and they have been with humans for 20, 30,000 years. and so i think they have a special place in our society. but i don't know kind of where it stops. >> all right. dr. gregory burns, good stuff to think about. good luck with the book.
12:52 pm
thank you. >> now that it is november, you might have noticed a lot of guys have been leaving the razor in the medicine cabinet. that is because november is also mo-vember when men grow facial hair to raise money and awareness for health. seems like guys are looking for random excuses to grow facial hair. and why not if it's for a good cause. some facebook fans are taking part, both the men and ladies. diana notaro says she is willing to stop shaving her legs, which i say it's tight season so go for it. like us on facebook to take the interactive poll and head over to, where you can learn more about the cause. dr. gregory burns was terrific. up next, toure on the prospect that's at ghoul progressives hopped up for 2014.
12:53 pm
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lately dems have been getting high on a particular drug, ie, the idea that the house will turn democrat in 2014, we will look at the house and say in the immortal words of jesse pinkman -- >> 'cuz it's blue, bitch. we have been getting high on this dream as the fictional junkies did on highsen berg's meth. let's explore the formula behind the powerful drug, the chemical
12:57 pm
reaction. the formula must begin with the right climate. pollsters see angry voters as the house gop as the center of our problems in washington. the toxic element poisoning government. the weakened gop brand is attracting a second element, quality candidates. good people are seeing a chance at finding the courage to run and they are energized by a narrative around the shutdown, and gop extremism, attracting money. a recent roll call story notes dems are so far winning the 2014 money race but there are other factor that is should temper any and all excitement regarding climate. what will be the impact of voter amnesia as the shutdown fades from memory and will the obama care rollout stay bad, damaging the brand? will the economy turn voters against dems? will the president's approval number stay in the 40s? history shows, midterm house elections are almost always bad for the party in power.
12:58 pm
partly because of who shows up for midterms. diehards. the 2012 electoral turnout was 58% for 2010 it was 41%. retirements are often a key to gains, but all nine retirements for 2014 are in ruby red districts seven points more republican than the national average. as for money, the rnc has outraised the dnc 61 million to $49 million and conservative million airs are going to funnel enough money to make sure incumbent republicans have all they need. dems play that game too. but republicans so far are far better at it. the mountain for dems is everest high. dems would have to hold all lean seats and win all vulnerable lean republican races. the odds of a dem house are slim, people. and it's that extraordinary difficulty of turning the house blue in a world where 80% are in safe districts. that's why we get extreme tactics that threaten to
12:59 pm
undermine the activity of the democratic process. republicans know the risk of punishment is low. in 2012, house dems got 500,000 more votes than republicans, but the gop kept their 30-plus seat advantage, because republicans have a massive structural advantage in the house, because of gerrymandering done after 2010. as the economists wrote, in a normal democracy, voters choose their representatives, but in america, it's rapidly becoming the other way around. gerrymandering has significantly damaged the integrity of our democracy, and made our house so predictable that the likelihood of turning blue in 2014 is equal to a school teacher becoming a drug king pin, only in your dreams. hey, did i explain that well? >> yeah, mr. white! yes, science! >> all right, that does it for "the cycle." now for someone who i'm sure agrees with all that, joy reid in for martin bashir today. >> 110%. love the "breaking bad" reference. good afternoon, i'm joy reid in for martin bashir.
1:00 pm
it's monday november the 4th and president obama beware. the ghost of 2012 is loose oh. what you often hear out of washington can sound like charlie brown's teacher. a jumble of unfocused noise. >> i think it's rotting away. >> out of touch with the things you care about. >> eve got to have a president that can lead. >> we should want be injuring ourselves. >> and right now not able to do so. the campaign manager of ken cuccinel cuccinelli. >> the whole country is waiting for your choice. >> an extreme faction of the republican party, they're willing to hijack the entire party, the country, the economy. >> we want more leaders like your next governor, ken cuccinelli. therveths don't come better than chris christie. >> they try to discern things. >> there are very real consequences when you operate ideologically. >> does ted cruz stand out to you? >> put five red necks on a mower. >> i'm being unfairly targeted by a bunch of
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